About the Artist

An Introduction to the Artist

Dawn Dreibus has been making art since she was a child when her mother gave her art lessons. When money got tight, the art lessons stopped, and life happened.
After caring for a family member, she took up art again in 2010, and has been “arting” ever since.

Dawn works in multiple mediums including acrylic, pencil, watercolor, three dimensions and textures. Her subjects vary widely and include local landmarks, unique floral treatments, rustic buildings, ocean side scenes, waterfalls, folk art and abandoned antique cars, a favorite of hers.

Her art can be seen at various craft fairs and art exhibits around western NC, and at Arrowhead Gallery in Old Fort, NC, MACA in Marion, NC, and occasionally at Burke Arts Council in Morganton, NC. You can e-mail her at dawn@dawndreibus.com for more info

She resides with four cats and her better(?) half in the Dysartsville community of beautiful rural McDowell County, North Carolina.

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