November Monoprint Class

I’ll be teaching a monoprint class at Arrowhead Gallery & Studios in Old Fort, NC, on November 14th from 1-4 PM.
Learn to make greeting cards and interesting abstracts that can be stand-alone pieces, collage or embellished upon further for really interesting work. You’ll be able to take home a minimum of 6 greeting cards & a piece that can be framed. No painting experience required. This is addictively fun! This is also great for quilters, fiber artist, sewing & stamping. You can use monoprinting techniques on fabrics, then use the prints in a finished piece. For stampers, it makes a great background to embellish on.
Classes are $30 for Arrowhead members, $40 for non members plus a $20 supply fee.
Call Arrowhead Gallery at 828-668-1100 or email me at dawn@dawndreibus *dot* com (replace the *dot* with a real dot) for inquiries & to sign up.

About Dawn

An Introduction to the Artist By Jeff Dreibus My wife Dawn Dreibus is a relative novice to the world of art, but she is quite talented as one can quickly discern from the photos of her work shown in this site’s Gallery. Dawn works in multiple mediums including acrylic, pencil, watercolor, three dimensions and textures. Her subjects vary widely and include local landmarks, unique floral treatments, rustic buildings, ocean side scenes, waterfalls, folk art and abandoned antique cars, a favorite of mine. Her art can be seen at various craft fairs and art exhibits around western NC. Click on “Schedule” to learn where her work is currently (or soon to be) on display, or e-mail her at for a private showing. She resides with three cats and her better(?) half in the Dysartsville community of beautiful rural McDowell County, North Carolina.
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